Teaching in Irish discussed at Gaelic League meeting

Published: 14 September 1913

The Gaelic League has been debating its stance on teaching in Irish once education policy comes under the remit of a Home Rule Parliament. At its Ard-Fheis, the following resolutions were passed: ‘Teachers in the Irish speaking districts who are unable to teach Irish and other subjects through the medium of Irish should be granted three years to learn Irish; every facility of instruction and all expenses and assistance being ranted from the public funds, and if at the end of three years they have failed to acquire Irish, they shall be transferred, but without inflicting any penalty or disadvantage upon them by the transference’. The key issue for the Ard-Fheis was a desire to allow any proposal ‘which would leave the future teachers of Ireland under an Irish Parliament free to teach Irish, or not, as they so pleased’.

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