Sunday drinking at Baldoyle Races outlawed

Published: 28 September 1913

Mrs Duff, who holds the drinks licence at Baldoyle Racecourse appeared at the annual Licensing Sessions at Raheny today to renew her licence. Her application was opposed by the police who argued that in the past year that she had not conducted her business in a peaceable and orderly manner. The police evidence told how they had been called to the premises at the racecourse on a number of times in the last year to deal with drunk patrons, and it was their view that Mrs Duff was continuing to serve alcohol to customers who were noticeably intoxicated. The police did not wish her to lose her licence completely, but that she should be punished by withdrawing her Sunday licence. The magistrates agreed, and as a result Baldoyle Races will be dry on a Sunday for the next twelve months.

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