Study shows no real difference between undergraduates and criminals

Published: 11 November 1913

A recent study into Lombroso's Theory - that every criminal reveals himself in his face or body - has shown that there is no significant scientific weight behind the belief. 

Three thousand male convicts were physically examined and measured with the results being compared to one thousand Cambridge University undergraduates. There was an almost neglible difference of 2 and half millimetres in head breadth in favour of the Cambridge students. 

A comparison was also made with nine hundred and fifty students of Oxford University with similar miniscule results. In a third comparison with undergraduates at Aberdeen University, the head circumferences of the students was almost identical with the those of the tested convicts. 

The study concludes that there is no such thing as an anthropological criminal type and further deepens the mystery of what makes one turn to a life of crime. 

Adding further to the discrediting of Lombroso's Theory is the belief of an Irish professor that of the thousands of students that he has encountered over the years, there was no distinction between those students who became criminals and those who became members of Parliament. 

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