Sir Henry Wilson - Diary entry for 2nd August

Diaries of the Director of Military Operations for the British Army

Published: 2 August 1914

On the 2nd WIlson wrote:

"Leo Maxse and Amery to breakfast, and much telephoning to Bonar Law, Austen and others. Panouse in at 10 a.m. Office all day. Two Cabinet meetings with quite indecisive results I believe that a note has been sent to the French to say that, although we are not going to take part in the war, we would not allow the Germans to descend on the French coast. Was ever anything heard like this? What is the difference between the French coast and the French frontier? The German light troops were over the frontier today, some fighting took place. Crowds outside the Palace 10 p.m. cheering. We have got permission to send troops back to peace quarters."

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