Shots fired through castle window

Published: 5 November 1913

A startling incident took place tonight on the grounds of Moydrum Castle, residence of Lord Castlemaine. As a housemaid was cleaning in the drawing room, a gun was discharged through one of the windows smashing it to pieces. Fortunately, the maid escaped unscathed. Lord Castlemaine was not at home at the time and it was the Lady of the house who was first on the scene. Police suspect that the shots were fired by poachers that had made their way onto the castle's grounds.

Upon his return to the castle, Lord Castlemaine descibed the incident as cruel and cowardly, particularly as only Lady Castlemaine and the female servants were in the property at the time. He believed that there was no malintent and noted that he was well liked and popular among locals, so much so that he would often leave all the doors of the castle practically open during the winter months. A number of residents from the surrouding area have come out and condemned the actions of those responsible. The incident is said to be universally regretted by all creeds and classes in the town and county. 

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