Record Flight for Army Airplane
Captain Longcroft, shown here in the cockpit of a B.E. biplane, broke the world record, last week, for the longest flight with a passenger Photo:

Record Flight for Army Airplane

Published: 26 August 1913

Captain Longcroft of the Royal Flying Corps has successfully flown his plane, with one passenger, from Farnborough in England to Montrose in Scotland. After a single refuelling stop at Alnmouth, Longcroft successfully completed the flight of 530 miles in seven hours and forty minutes. The first part of the flight is a world record distance for a plane carrying a passenger. It is now expected that Longcroft, as well as four other Royal Flying Corps pilots, will fly their planes from Montrose to either Rathbane, Co Limerick or Newcastle, Co Down, within the next week.

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