Publican on trial for refusing drink to tram men

Published: 1 October 1913

A case has been heard before the Northern Court Police Court Annual Licensing Sessions today that centred on whether or not publicans could refuse to serve patrons a drink. The case was bought by the Police against four publicans who had refused to serve drink to two policemen in plain clothes and a number of employees of the Tramway Company. The Police argued that refusing to supply drink was a serious matter, and that under the law everyone was entitled to a drink unless the publican believed that person to be of bad character.

Mr Clancy K,C defending the publicans, stated that his clients full well knew the law, but that in the context of recent disturbances in Dublin, had refused to serve those individuals listed in the case for fear of provoking a serious disturbance in their premises. The magistrates noted the current situation in Dublin and the complexity of serving union men and strike breakers. He granted those charged their licenses, but reminded them of their duty, under the law, to serve everyone irrespective of their stated views.

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