Proselytism case continues in Dublin

Published: 16 December 1913

The case of the Traynor infants was resumed in court yesterday before the Lord Chancellor, the Lord Justice Holmes, and the Lord Justice Cherry. The case was concerning the religion in which the Traynor infants – Joseph, William and Anne – should be brought up. The case began after the three children were removed from the Protestant homes they had been put in as it was believed they should be raised as Catholics. 

Judge’s orders in the last court session on 25 July directed that Margaret Butler, who is their aunt and Rev L.S. Stafford CC were to be appointed guardians of the infants and that they should be brought up as Catholics. Other relatives Michael and Patrick Traynor have also made an appeal to raise the children, but claiming they should do so as Protestants.

The infants' parents, who are dead, were married as Catholics in 1889 and the children were baptised as Catholics. Joseph, the eldest was in a Protestant institution, Anne in a Protestant home and William in the Kingstown Bird’s Nest. The judge has said that the eldest should not be interfered with but the other two should be brought up as Catholics.

The issue within the case and the claim by the family is that the father - while a practising Catholic - died in hospital as a Protestant. Family members have claimed that he never attended Catholic Church and regularly attended Protestant Church. It is argued by others, however, that the man was not of strong religious conviction.

Today's hearing ended without conclusion.

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