Picture houses to remain open on Sundays
The Coliseum Theatre on King Street in Cork Photo: National Library of Ireland, OCO 61

Picture houses to remain open on Sundays

Published: 9 March 1914

A meeting was held today discussing Sunday performances at the cinema. There has been much debate around this topic recently over what the guiding principle should be for Sundays.

In recent times the cinema has become an increasingly popular activity among the working class of the cities and public opinion is largely in favour of having the picture house open on their only day off.

Speaking at the meeting, the Lord Mayor of Dublin pointed out that the picture theatres afford splendid opportunity for poor people enjoying rational amusement and recreation on Sundays. He explained that he had no objection to them being open on a Sunday providing ‘reasonable regulations’ were observed and there were no performances during church service times. He said the working people of the cities would be better off under strict supervision at the cinema on a Sunday evening ‘than be parading some of the principal thoroughfares ‘cheek by jowl’ with the army’.

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