Pacific and Atlantic Oceans joined in Panama
The explosion that was triggered by President Wilson joining the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. Photo: Illustrated London News [London, England], 8 November 1913

Pacific and Atlantic Oceans joined in Panama

Published: 11 October 1913

It has been reported that President Wilson stood today, in the White House, and pressed a button that signalled an electric charge. The wonder of Wilson’s action was that the button signalled an explosion, thousands of miles away in Panama, that destroyed the Gambon dyke. This was the last obstacle in the way of building the Panama Canal which links the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

An enormous crowd gathered to watch the explosion, which resulted in hundreds of tonnes of earth being blown skywards. The fifty mile canal, with its six giant locks, will revolutionise sea trade. The project initially began in 1881, but has been managed and completed by the United States since 1904. It isn estimated that the United States government has spent in excess of $8 million completing the project.

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