New mayor of New York has Irish connections
Newly elected mayor of New York, John Purroy Mitchel Photo: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA

New mayor of New York has Irish connections

Published: 4 November 1913

Mr John Purroy Mitchel has been elected as the new mayor of New York. He is the grandson of the Irish patriot John Mitchel.

The day of voting saw a reverse of fortunes for the Tammanay Hall party which has dominated New York politics for so long. There have been constant rumours that the Tammanay vote was underpinned by vote rigging and intimidation, and this election has been carefully monitored with a heavy presence of pressure groups that have watched the elections to ensure that they are fair.

The police have also been very visible on the streets of New York to ensure the safety of candidates and voters. While there have been some riotous incidents on the East Side of the city, the situation is described as largely calm.

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