Miner president shot

Published: 27 December 1913

My Moyer, The President of the Western Miners’ Federation in Calumet, Michigan, was seized tonight by a gang of men, shot in the back, placed on a train and deported from the state. The incident was a reaction to the tragic incident which occurred at the miners' Christmas party on Christmas Eve in which nearly a hundred people - mostly children - lost their lives.

The incident occurred in the middle of Christmas festivities, attended by nearly 800 people, when someone shouted ‘fire’. Although there was no smoke or flames seen, the crowd began to rush through the one door in the room and many children were trampled to death I the process.

Tonight a group of men seized the president of the organisation, blaming him for the incident. After they captured him they hit him on the head with a revolver which then allegedly, accidently went off, shooting him in the back. He was then put on a train and sent out of the state, his wounds are not thought to be life-threatening. The men have put a threat on his life if he returns to the state. 

Mr Moyer insists the incident was caused by the Citizens' League and he was not responsible. The Governor of Michigan has promised that an investigation will be made into Mr Moyer's alleged deportation from Calumet.

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