Memorial to honour John Ryan in London

Published: 25 July 1913

Irish nationalists gathered in London to begin raising money so as to erect a memorial above the grave of John Ryan in Leyton, London. Ryan had been a long time supporter of the national cause from his base in Chelsea, and had always been a strong advocate of using constitutional to solve the Irish dilemma. The meeting was addressed by John Dillon, Joseph Devlin, and TP O’Connor, while a message from John Redmond was also read to the large crowd.

Mr Dillon recalled how he had known John Ryan for more than two decades, and what a central character he had been in pursuing the dream of Irish freedom. Mr Dillon reflected with sadness that John Ryan had not lived long enough to witness the passage of the Home Rule Bill, but that the erection of a memorial on his grave would ensure that future Irish men and women would always remember his steadfast contribution.

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