Match between Linfield and Cliftonville ends in riot

Published: 12 September 1913

The match between Linfield and Cliftonville, played at Cliftonville’s home ground today, ended in a violent riot. During the match a Linfield player, Bartlett, was injured in a tackle and the Linfield section of the crowd was outraged. At the end of the game the Linfield supporters rushed onto the pitch and began attacking the Cliftonville players. Many of the players were severely beaten, and if it hadn’t been for a the quick actions of the police who rescued the players and escorted them to safety, matters could have ended much worse. The match had begun ominously when Linfield supporters greeted the arrival of the teams onto the pitch with repeated firing of revolvers. This recent ‘fashion’ at football matches in Belfast for firing revolvers at the start of the game is creating a very hostile atmosphere. The match ended with a 3-0 win for Linfield.

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