Magnificent reception welcomes King and Queen to Paris
No expense was spared to celebrate the arrival of King George V and the Queen to the French capital. Photo: Illustrated London News [London, England], 25 April 1914

Magnificent reception welcomes King and Queen to Paris

Published: 21 April 1914

King George V and the Queen were welcomed by a magnificent reception on their visit to Paris today.

From the train station the royal procession made its way through the most picturesque thoroughfare in the city towards the royal residency. The King and Queen have an elaborate programme during their stay including a banquet which will be attended by the most important and influential people in French politics.

King George V is joined in his carriage by French president Raymond Poincaré (L) The Queen takes in the procession on the way to the royal residency (Images: Illustrated London News [London, England], 25 April 1914)

The visit is particularly significant as it its the first time the British Secretary of State for foreign affairs has accompanied them on an official visit. It is believed that Sir Edward Grey and his French counterpart will discuss the current situation in Europe. 

Speaking of the visit, French president Raymond Poincaré stated that it was 'the brilliant consecration of a friendship which, since its inception, has stood the test of time and experience; a friendship which has proved its permanent efficacy, and which responds to the considered desire of two powerful nations equally enthusiastic for progress and equally accustomed to the habit of liberty'.

The sentiments expressed by President Poincaré were reciprocated by King George. 

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