Lord Chief Justice of Ireland to retire?
Lord O'Brien, Chief Justice of Ireland is set to retire Photo: Illustrated London News [London, England], 22 November 1913

Lord Chief Justice of Ireland to retire?

Published: 17 November 1913

The Times of London reports rumours that Lord O’Brien, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland, is about to retire.

Lord O’Brien has been absent from the bench for a while due to ill health. Although it is reported that his health has improved, friends are apparently unsure as to whether he will be fit enough to return to the courts.

Today he had been supposed to sit in the Four Courts to hear the registration appeals in the Court of Chancery, but at the last minute his position was taken by the Lord Chief Baron. All day at the Four Courts there was speculation about the future of the Chief Justice which, after an enquiry to his home in Dublin by the Press Association, was confirmed.

Lord O’Brien telegraphed the Press Association this response: ‘Not actually resigned. Am sending in my resignation’. Lord O’Brien has held the position since 1889, and there will now be a period of change as a result of the various new appointments that will follow in the upper echelons of Ireland’s judiciary.

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