Last day to register for electoral roll

Published: 29 July 1913

The fourth of August is the last day for eligible voters to enrol on the register of electors. To enable registration, the offices of the United Irish League and the Nationalist Registration Associations will stay open late every evening during the week in major towns and cities. The UIL is keen that everyone who is eligible does register as they do not want to see one nationalist vote lost in next year’s local elections. The League argues that the elections will take place shortly before the House of Lords hears the Home Rule bill for the final time, and that a strong and sizeable nationalist vote will remind the members of the upper house that the views of the overwhelming majority of Irish voters will have to be heard.

Also, by registering to vote the nationalists of Ireland can answer Lord Lansdowne’s slanderous remark that the rural voters of Ireland are indifferent to Home Rule. The local elections of 1914 will, according to the United Irish League be about one issue, namely Home Rule, and it is imperative today that anyone with the franchise is registered.

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