Kitty O’Shea to publish Parnell letters?

Published: 30 September 1913

The Daily Chronicle is reporting that Mrs Parnell, often known as Kitty O’Shea and the wife of the late national leader Charles Stewart Parnell, is at work collecting his letters with a view to publishing them. It is expected that there will be some 800 letters in the final book, and that many of them would have been sent from Parnell to his wife. However, it is also reported that many of the letters contain political material, and the contents have been described as ‘very pungent in relation to all political matters’.

It is reported that Mrs Parnell has been contacted by individuals threatening legal action if their names appear in any published version of the letters. Mrs Parnell and her legal team are the only people to date to have seen the collection of letters, and even close family members have not had the privilege of reading them.

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