King Ferdinand’s life in danger
King Ferdinand of Bulgaria Photo: Illustrated London News [London, England], 5 July 1913

King Ferdinand’s life in danger

Published: 14 November 1913

There is a growing sense, in diplomatic circles, that the life of King Ferdinand of Bulgaria is in danger.

The King is currently staying with his brother in Vienna and it is reported that he is attempting to organise a renegotiation of the Treaty of Bucharest that deprived Bulgaria of territory after its defeat. In Bulgaria there is a widespread belief that Ferdinand, who is German and Roman Catholic, deliberately led the country into the disastrous wars. In Sofia demonstrators have hung a ‘to let’ sign on the royal palace, and letters have been received there that threaten the King with death if he ever returns to Sofia.

Diplomatic sources belief that the levels of discontent are such that groups within Bulgarian nationalist circles will act on the threat and attempt to kill Ferdinand.

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