Japanese valet killed in Athboy

Published: 23 August 1913

A Japanese valet named Konishi, in the employ of Mrs Jones of Clifton Lodge, Athboy, Co. Meath, was killed, it is alleged, by the Lodge gardener, Peter Farrell. Konishi had been employed for ten years by the recently deceased husband of Mrs Jones, and on his death she had moved to England leaving the Lodge under the care of the valet. It was reported in a preliminary court hearing yesterday that Konishi and Farrell had been heard arguing over what should be done about a stray cat, and that the dispute had ended in a scuffle between the valet and the gardener. The three adult sons of Farrell had also joined in the attack on the valet.

Three days later Konishi had disappeared, and his body was later found in woods surrounding the property. He had been shot, and Farrell has been charged with his murder. A number of witnesses were called, including a parlour maid and an under-house maid, and all recalled seeing the two men arguing and hearing Farrell threaten that he would kill Konishi. None of the witnesses had seen the fatal attack on Konishi, but all recalled hearing gunshots. Mr Olphert, RM, remanded Mr Farrell and his three sons for a week to allow further investigations.

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