Inquest into death of John Byrne begins

Published: 6 September 1913

The Inquest has been held into the death of John Byrne, who allegedly died as a result of injuries received when he was struck by a police baton last Saturday. He had initially gone to Jervis Street Hospital where he was treated for a head wound, before returning home at 10pm. He told his wife he had been struck by a country policeman while he stood outside of Ryan’s Public House on Burgh Quay. He then went to bed, and lost consciousness during the night. He never awoke, and died at around 6pm on Thursday evening. Medical evidence recorded that Mr Byrne had what appeared to be a superficial head wound, but he had in fact suffered a fractured skull which had led to a considerable laceration of the brain.

Dr Louis Byrne, City Coroner, instructed the jury that while there were allegations that Mr Byrne had been struck by a police baton, there were no witnesses to that attack at the Inquest, and that they could only offer a verdict on the medical reasons for why the deceased died rather than speculating on how the injury had been caused. The jury recorded that death had been caused by a fracture of the skull and haemorrhage.

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