Funeral of John Byrne takes place
John Byrne's wife and daughter. The inquest into his death found that his death was caused by a fracture of the skull and brain haemorrhage. It declined to speculate as to how these injuries were caused. Photo: Courtesy of the Irish Capuchin Provincial Archives

Funeral of John Byrne takes place

Published: 7 September 1913

John Byrne, who was killed as a result of a head injury sustained during last weekend’s disturbances, has been buried at Glasnevin Cemetery. His funeral was attended by a large crowd, and a number of bands were in attendance. It is estimated that 10,000 mourners were present.

An inquest has been held into his death and concluded that, while there were allegations that Mr Byrne had been struck by a police baton, there were no witnesses to that attack at the Inquest, and that they could only offer a verdict on the medical reasons for why the deceased had died rather than speculating on how the injury had been caused. The jury recorded that death had been caused by a fracture of the skull and haemorrhage.

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