France declares war on Austria
The Zouaves, a light infantry regiment are fighting for France on the Western front. Photo: Illustrated London News [London, England], August 8 1914

France declares war on Austria

France has declared war on Austria. The following statement has been issued:

The French government has broken off relations with the Austro-Hungarian Government.

Contrary to the assurances given by the Austro-Hungarian Government to the French Minister for Foreign Affairs, that no Austrian-Hungary troops were taking part in the Franco-German war, the French government has ascertained beyond any doubt that certain Austro-Hungarian forces are at present in Germany outside the Austrian border.

These troops which, in fact, set free a certain number of German troops destined to be employed in fighting the French, ought undoubtedly de facto et de jure to be considered as acting against the French.

In these circumstances the French Ambassador has been ordered to leave Vienna. The Austro-Hungarian Ambassador in Paris, on being informed of the French’s governments decision, asked for his passports.

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