Emigrants told to prepare

Published: 3 October 1913

The Emigrants Information Office has an issued a warning to all people thinking of emigrating, and has warned them to prepare themselves before they leave home. They report that many emigrants are unaware of the rules relating to arrival in a given country. For example, many don’t know that those arriving in Australia have to be in possession of a medical certificate to gain access, or that those males under 45 years of age entering Australia, New Zealand or South Africa are liable to a compulsory period of military training. It also warns people against presuming that there will be a job for them when they arrive in their new home.

A poster with information for intending emigrants. (Photo: National Archives of Ireland: CSO/RP 1913, 14)

At present in Canada there is no demand for mechanics or general labourers, but there is a high demand for female servants. In New South Wales there is a need for dairy and wheat farmers, but in Sydney there is high unemployment and few jobs available. South Australia wants skilled women in the boot and clothing industries, but has no openings for any other skills sets. In South Africa no miners are needed, but there are a small number of openings for skilled carpenters, tailors and saddlers. The general advice is that except for farmers with their own capital or female servants, the Colonies offer very poor inducements to intending immigrants.

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