Dungeon of Tower of London open to visitors
View of the Tower of London Photo: Library of Congress, LOT 13415, no. 579

Dungeon of Tower of London open to visitors

Published: 20 December 1913

Visitors to the Tower of London will soon be able to view some of the most interesting parts of the historic fortress, which have so far been closed to the public – the dungeons.

There is possibly no part of the Tower which will appeal more strongly to the public than the dungeons. The vaults now to be opened were formerly used as prisons and torture chambers, particularly during the Tudor period. Within the dungeons the rack was freely employed, and the holes in which the instrument was fitted still exist under the boarding of the floor.

Tower Gate at the Tower of London, (Photo: Illustrated London News, [London, England],  7 January 1843)

The dungeons have held many famous prisoners throughout their use including rebel Guy Fawkes, the chief conspirator in the plot to blow up British parliament building in 1605.

The towers were used at various as times as prisons and are chiefly interesting because of inscriptions on the walls made by prisoners.

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