Dublin butchers and Sunday trading

Published: 24 August 1913

Mr William Delaney, President of the Victuallers Association, has called for an end to Sunday trading by butchers. Delaney argues that many Irish butchers, particularly those in working class areas and those under foreign ownership, are out of step with normal practice, and are opening their shops on Sundays. This he sees as unfair to workers, who are denied a day off, and also to Corporation Inspectors who have to work so as to inspect those premises that are open.

Mr Delaney was particularly critical of those foreign butchers who stayed open until 2 am on Sunday mornings, and then reopened from 8am until 2.30pm Sunday. There was no need for these shops to be open, as customers could buy their meat at other times. Mr Delaney accepted that many of the smaller and foreign butchers were not members of his Association and it might, therefore, be difficult to enforce Sunday closing on them.

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