Dry ship policy for US Navy
US Navy ship Texas in March 1914 Photo: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C., USA

Dry ship policy for US Navy

Published: 7 April 1914

The Secretary of the US Navy has ordered the abolition of the use of liquor on board warships as well as in the shipyards and navy stations. The order even prohibits wine at officers’ messes, as he declared there should not be one rule for officers and another for enlisted men with regards to intoxicants. 

The consensus among the men is that there will be some difficulty in enforcing the rule and many of the officers believe the order is a trespass upon the personal liberty of the individual. They also argue that it will prevent them from offering wine to visitors and foreign natives, which they are accustomed to doing, and this will render America ridiculous in the eyes of her guests.

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