Countess of Carlisle makes donation to the Volunteers
Drawing of Rosalind Howard, the Countess of Carlisle in 1868 by her husband George Howard. Photo: © National Portrait Gallery, London.

Countess of Carlisle makes donation to the Volunteers

Published: 2 July 1914

Mr Redmond has received a donation of £300 for the Volunteers' cause from the Countess of Carlisle, Rosalind Howard. In an accompanying letter she said;

‘Seeing that Lord Lansdowne and the Conservative Party are trying to overawe the Government by threats of civil war, and seeing that the Generals and officers of the British Army stationed in Ireland have to dared to question what their duty would be should armed rebellion break out in Ulster, it is high time that a National Volunteer force should arise to protect, should the unfortunate necessity for doing so occur, the rights now secured to the Irish nation under the Home Rule bill.

I have the pleasure in sending £300 to the fund which is being collected for the organisation of the ‘Irish National Volunteers’ and I hope you will receive a ready response to your appeal from all parts of the world.’

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