Church worker claims movies to blame for crime spree

Published: 19 February 1914

George Wacker, a highly respected church worker and Sunday school teacher was arrested by New York police yesterday after confessing to a series of burglaries and crimes. Wacker admitted that for some time he has been leading a double life of working with the church and robbing the houses of other church-goers. He has also admitted to using force if the occupant of the house was home. 

He says that knowing the victims of his crimes has helped him as he could track their movements easily since he knew when they were at choir or church. He explained that he would get excused from singing at choir and make straight for the house of someone he knew to be at church.

He declared he was first led to burglary due to being fascinated by films depicting the exploits of ‘Arsene Lupin’, ‘Rafiles’ and other criminals and then found it so easy he could not resist trying it again.

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