Christian Scientist Charged with manslaughter

Published: 10 September 1913

Reports from the Old Bailey in London have emerged in the last few days detailing the case of the death of Nora Ann Jewell. Nora, the daughter of Benjamin Jewell, a builder, was seven years old when she contracted diphtheria. Her father is a member of a community known as the Christian Scientists who do not believe in medical intervention. When a doctor was finally called to the child, she was found dead. The doctor in attendance, a Dr Bell, was told by the father that the child had been given a Christian Science treatment as the girl was, he believed, suffering from mumps. Mr Jewell was subsequently charged with manslaughter by the police on the grounds that he had not sought the necessary medical advice that would have saved his daughter. On hearing the evidence the court found Mr Jewell not guilty and he was discharged.

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