Chaotic scenes in Derry over strikes
Strikes in Derry have resulted in violence. Photo: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C., USA

Chaotic scenes in Derry over strikes

Published: 6 February 1914

Disorderly scenes occurred in Derry today in connection with the carters’ strike. Several baton charges were made by the police in order to rescue non-union carters from hostile crowds.

There were several attacks throughout the day but it was an incident in the Strand Road this evening which caused the police to resort to the use of baton charges, after a group of non-union workers were attempting to move a lorry to the station. The crowds today however, were thought to be of a rough nature and widely condemned by the strikers.

The inconvenience of the strikes has been intensified by the dockers refusing to handle goods, but they state they will not be striking in sympathy.

The strike has been ongoing for several weeks.

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