British Army Officers join ranks of 50,000 strong UVF

Published: 24 September 1913

Ahead of this weekend’s rally by Unionist Volunteers at the Belfast Showgrounds, it has been revealed that a number of serving officers of the British Army have joined the Ulster Volunteer Force. The London Globe reports that quite a number of field officers at present on active service in the Army, including two Colonels currently in command of home battalions, are prominent in the UVF.

The Officers make no bones of the fact that they, with the men under them, intend taking sides with the UVF should the need arise. It has also been reported that a number of Officers stationed at Aldershot have also intimated that when the crucial moment arrives they will range themselves on the side of Ulster. The Daily Mail has reported that the UVF, which it estimates as 50,000 strong at present, lists General Sir George Richardson, Colonel Wallace, Major MacCammon, Major McCalmount and Captain Frank Hall as prominent Army men who are now leading members.

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