Bridegroom’s tragic death. Found dead four days after wedding

Published: 21 August 1913

The body of Frederick Winch, who married only four days ago, has been discovered. The day after his wedding, Winch, a master shoemaker in the Royal Engineers, informed his wife he was going to the Curragh on business. He never returned and his body was found in the Curragh area late yesterday. Patrick Higgins, a shoemaker who worked with Winch, told the Coroner at today’s inquest, that the deceased had told him recently that he had wanted to ‘blow his brains out’.

Initially Higgins seemed reticent to explain the comment further in the presence of the recently widowed Mrs Winch, but when pushed by the coroner, he admitted that Winch had told him that while he was getting married, he was in fact already engaged to another woman in the neighbourhood. It was not stated who the other woman was, but a postcard was found on Winch’s body that stated his farewell to Bertha. An open verdict was recorded.

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