Bray railway saloon open after hours

Published: 9 August 1913

Bray Petty Sessions heard today how the Saloon Bar at Bray Railway Station had been found serving alcohol outside its licensed hours on Sunday 13th July. Two men appeared before the Sessions: Mr A.G. Reid, the licensee of the premises, and Mr John Fanning, of Florence Road, Bray, who was charged with being on the premises when he was not a bona fide traveller.

The Sessions heard that Mr Fanning claimed he was a bona fide traveller, and that he had wanted a drink prior to boarding a train. Critically he was not in possession of a ticket, and therefore deemed not to be a bona fide traveller. The Chairman of the Sessions asked why the saloon door was even open on a Sunday. He reminded the licensee that the sale of alcohol was prohibited on Sundays, and that the doors of all licensed premises should remain shut. They should only be open if a bona fide traveller, in possession of a ticket presented themselves. He also queried why the saloon was even staffed on a Sunday morning, when only one mainline train stopped at Bray.

Both men were found guilty; Fanning was fined 5s and Reid 20s.

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