Boost for Dublin Unionists?
Bonar Law addresses a crowd in Belfast in 1912 Photo: Photo: Illustrated London News [London, England], 13 April 1912

Boost for Dublin Unionists?

Published: 4 November 1913

A major meeting of Dublin based Unionists is planned for 28 November.

The meeting, which will be held at the Theatre Royal, will be addressed by Andrew Bonar Law as well as the leader of Unionist resistance to Home Rule, Sir Edward Carson. It is expected that the meeting will allow for the two main speakers to outline Unionist opposition to Home Rule, and explore how southern Unionists can best join that resistance.

There is a feeling that Carson's popular success in resisting Home Rule has largely been achieved in the Ulster counties and that this meeting will seek to reignite the campaign in the southern counties. A large contingent of Ulster Unionists is expected to be in attendance and the meeting promises to be the largest gathering of Unionists in Dublin for two years.

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