Betting controversy at Jones’ Road
Crowds pouring into Jones' Road for the Kerry vs Louth match in which the bet originally took place Photo: Irish Independent, 30 June 1913

Betting controversy at Jones’ Road

Published: 18 December 1913

Michael Garry pleaded not guilty today before the City Commission to an indictment charging him with having stolen £5 from Maurice Tagney on 29 June.

Tagney, a young man from Kerry, deposited £3 with Mr Garry as a bet on the result of the Kerry vs Louth football match at Jones' Road. Garry was operating under the name of Mr Flynn at the time, a name he is known to use when betting. Tagney won the bet but when he went to look for Mr Garry he was nowhere to be found.

Tagney then saw Mr Garry on the racecourse at Listowel on 15 October and approached him about the money he was owed. When Garry refused, Tagney called an RIC officer and had Garry arrested.

After hearing statements from several witnesses the jury found Mr Garry guilty.

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