Anti-love strike suggested at suffragette meeting
Suffragettes parading in New York years earlier Photo: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. LC-B2- 2813-8 USA

Anti-love strike suggested at suffragette meeting

Published: 8 May 1914

Mrs Havelock Ellis suggested an anti-love strike by the suffragettes at a meeting in New York today. She is quoted by the New York American saying ‘Broken hearts are better than broken windows. If women would refuse to cook or wash for their husbands and refuse to kiss or even look at them I believe they would get the vote in a very short time.’

She explained that she had suggested this tactic to a man in her home town of Cornwall and he replied; 'Good gracious! Women would get the vote within a fortnight.'

The New York suffragettes however, have disagreed with this idea as they believe it is not practicable towards getting the vote. Mrs Boissevain Bridge, one of New York’s well known upholders of the cause said she ‘would join the strike if it were practicable. I would adopt any feasible method to get the vote, but this suggestion is not practicable.’

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