Annual Convention of Irish National Foresters

Published: 4 August 1913

The largest friendly society in Ireland gathered today for the opening of its annual convention. The Irish National Foresters chose the Town Hall in Cavan for their meeting, and the General Secretary's report which was read to the gathered representatives showed the organisation to be in good health. In all areas – branches, membership and funds – the Foresters have seen an increase, with 885 branches now established nationwide, and some 74,520 members. Numbers in the female section have risen to 9,142 and in the Junior section to 19,533.

The total number of insurance policies issued last year stood at 2,062 and despite the invaluable support the Foresters have offered to those members who have fallen on hard times, they still ended the year with a surplus in the bank of £132,383. New branches have also opened in Britain, North America and Australia.

The convention will run until the 7th inst. and will include an excursion for delegates to Killykeen.

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