A Dublin ‘Sherlock Holmes’ stops robbery

Published: 19 August 1913

An audacious robbery that took place at Amiens Street railway station has been foiled. A lady, who owns a large milk contracting firm in Dublin, was at the station where she was awaiting to travel to Drogheda to spend her holidays. She gave instructions that a valuable bag be forwarded to the cloak room to await her arrival. The bag was sent over to the cloak room in the care of a young boy. He set the bag down in the cloak room and awaited his ticket. When he was given the necessary ticket he bent down to attach it to the bag, but bag and contents had disappeared.

A while later an employee of the travelling lady was walking near the station when he noticed a shady looking character carrying his mistress’ bag. The employee tackled the character, and in what he described as a ‘brusque policeman’s style’, he demanded to know where the man had got the bag. The crook threw away the bag, and made good his escape down Mabbot Street. The bag and its contents have been returned to the travelling lady and her eagle eyed employee praised as Dublin’s Sherlock Holmes.

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