Irish military manoeuvres take place near Castlebar

Published: 9 September 1913

A battle was fought today at Cangort, eight miles north of Castlebar. The battle pitched the Brown Army, commanded by Sir Charles Douglas, against the White Army, led by Colonel Ballard. Yesterday Douglas had gathered his army together in Kilkenny, while Douglas assembled in Galway. When the Brown Army passed through Roscrea this morning, marching to meet its enemy, locals reported that it took many hours for the battalions of men, and then later their lines of carts carrying supplies to pass through the town.

The White Army had taken position on Ellen Hill overlooking Cangort Wood, and despite hours of heavy shelling from the guns of the Brown Army, the Whites still held their position at nightfall. It is predicted that Sir Charles will renew his attack at dawn tomorrow. He has not yet used his section of the Army Flying Corp stationed at Limerick, although it is thought he will throw them into the battle early next week. The battles and general manoeuvres are part of a major military exercise taking place across the whole country over the course of ten days, and will allow military leaders to assess the readiness of the army for any real life battles they may have to fight in the future.

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