The curse of stomach pains

Published: 13 July 1913

A stomach specialist, writing in today’s Sunday Independent, has explained how nearly all patients he sees with stomach pains actually have perfectly healthy stomachs. He writes that the problems people have, and the pain they endure, are caused by the acid that exists in the stomach and a process of aggravated food fermentation. If the acid can be neutralised, he argues, then the pain will disappear.

His solution to the problem of a painful stomach is to swallow one spoonful of bisurated magnesia and then sip one cup of lukewarm water after eating a meal. This will cancel out the effect of stomach acid and allow us all to have a pain free day. The magnesia can be bought any good pharmacy, and the specialist advises that many of the potions advertised in newspapers as miracle cures are best avoided as they do not work.

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