Ulster Volunteers drill at Cookstown
The manoeuvres in Tyrone are the latest indication that Carson's men are determined to be in a position to defend themselves against Home Rule should they have to. This picture shows a group of Volunteers marching to hear Sir Edward Carson speak at Newry during his trip to Northern Ireland last September. Photo: Illustrated London News [London, England], 27 Sept 1913

Ulster Volunteers drill at Cookstown

Published: 1 February 1914

More than 1,000 men of the Cookstown battalion of the Tyrone Regiment of the Ulster Volunteer Force engaged in field manoeuvres in the grounds of Killymoon demesne yesterday.

The field operations consisted of an attack on a formidable hill held by ‘the enemy’. Using mounted men, scouts, signalers and dispatch riders - as well as infantry - the men were organised on both sides and spent the day engaged in mock-battle.

After the manouevres, the men marched back to Cookstown and had tea in the Assembly Rooms, which had been decorated with Union Jacks and with the mottoes of the UVF.



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