Sir Ernest Shackleton outlines plans for new Antarctic voyage
Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton by Alick P.F. Ritchie, chromolithograph, 1907 or later. The Irish-born explorer has announced plans for a new Antarctic expedition. Photo: © National Portrait Gallery, London

Sir Ernest Shackleton outlines plans for new Antarctic voyage

Published: 30 December 1913

Irish-born explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton, has outlined an ambitious plan for an expedition that will take him across the entire Antarctic continent from sea to sea by way of the South Pole.

The expedition is set to commence from Buenos Aires next October and will make use of much of the latest scientific equipment, including two aeroplane sledges (sledges driven by propellers of the aeroplane type) and an aeroplane with ‘clipped wings’ which is intended to be used to ‘taxi’ over the ice. The transantartic journey will be attempted by a party of six men and 120 dogs. Second in the command to Shackleton will be Mr Frank Wild, a renowned Polar explorer, who travelled with Robert Falcon Scott in 1901-04 and with Shackleton in 1907-09.

Like Mr Wild, this will be Ernest Shackleton’s third trip to the Antarctic. He was part of Captain Scott’s 1901 mission to the South Pole and in 1908 he returned as leader of his own expedition on the ship, Nimrod. Shackleton won widespread admiration and fame for that expedition, leading as it did to many key scientific discoveries. He was knighted on his return.



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