Shocking allegation against Irish girl in New York
HMS Campania, the vessel on which the dreadful allegations were made against Miss Catherine O'Rourke. Photo: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA

Shocking allegation against Irish girl in New York

Published: 28 February 1914

An Irish girl who was the subject of shocking allegations has been awarded £7,000 in damages in the case she brought against the Cunard Shipping company.

Catherine O’Rourke (20) was emigrating to America three years ago with several friends aboard the Campania ship when a dead baby was found in a bucket.

Miss O’Rourke, who was seasick, was accused of being its mother and was taken to the ship’s hospital and forced to undergo examination by the ship’s doctor. She was held for three days in the hospital before being released.

Miss O’Rourke was so traumatised by the experience that since arriving in New York she has been unable to work and has been a nervous wreck. The Cunard Company is to appeal the amount of damages.



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