Pope Pius X dies
Pope Pius X died at 1.20am this morning. Photo: Irish Life, 28 Aug 1914. The full collection of Irish Life is available from the National Library of Ireland.

Pope Pius X dies

Published: 20 August 1914

His Holiness Pope Pius died early this morning.

His attending physicians noticed a marked deterioration in his condition yesterday. This was caused, they said, by bronchial catarrh which was exacerbated by His Holiness’s gouty condition. 

It is also thought that the Pope was further weakened by the anxiety he felt over the current crisis in Europe.

Indeed his final thoughts were of the war: ‘Now I begin to think the end is approaching, the Almighty, in His inexhaustible goodness wishes to spare me the horrors which Europe is undergoing.’

His final words were: ‘Restore everything in Christ.’

It is thought that the cardinals will meet on 3 September to discuss the election of a new pope.



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