New song written for Irish Volunteers in Connacht
Irish Volunteers drilling near Mountbellow, Co Galway Photo: Illustrated London News [London, England], 7 Feb 1914

New song written for Irish Volunteers in Connacht

Published: 4 April 1914

Our Connaught Volunteers

March and drill, brave Volunteers,
And make once more a glorious muster,
If you are forced to combat with
The rebellious clans of Ulster

With firm tread and heads erect,
With hearts that beat for Erin’s glory,
Raise up your flag, all threats reject,
From Carson, Law or rabid Tory.

Protect your flag, brave Volunteers
For Fatherland, you’ll fight the Tory,
As did your fathers, in days of yore,
Whose valorous deeds still live in story.


Your kith or kin, brave Volunteers
From Connaught’s glens went forth without a falter,
And fought and won, ‘neath the Old Green Flag,
Braved, too, the cruel rack and halter.


Up with your flag, brave Volunteers,
No cowards you – no hearts beat stronger,
You base your cause on English laws,
You battle now for Ireland’s honour




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