New Irish College opens
St Patrick's Hill in Cork City, the location of the meeting at which the new branch of the Munster Training College was opened Photo: National Library of Ireland, LCAB/00814

New Irish College opens

Published: 10 October 1913

A branch of the Munster Training College was opened on Monday night at a meeting held in the Christian Brothers’ School on St. Patrick’s Hill.

Speeches to the meeting – delivered in both Irish and English – stressed the importance of the college in promoting the Irish language. One speaker, Fr. Augustine told the meeting that a brighter era for their country was about to dawn.

He said he hoped that they would greet that dawn in Irish rather than in English and that when the green flag was flying once more over Ireland, he hoped the people of the country would support it in their national tongue.

Letters of support were read from both the Catholic and Protestant bishops of Cork, as well as from a range of other prominent people in Cork, including the Lord Mayor, Mr Henry O'Shea.


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