John Redmond calls to Downing Street
Mr Redmond met with the British Prime Minister yesterday, presumably to discuss the Ulster question Photo: National Library of Ireland, POOLIMP 1610

John Redmond calls to Downing Street

Published: 3 February 1914

John Redmond spent more than an hour yesterday in a meeting with the Prime Minister, Herbert Asquith and the Chief Secretary of Ireland, Augustine Birrell.

No statement was issued after the meeting, though all indications are that the Irish policy of the British government remains unchanged.

A memorandum prepared by John Redmond following  his an interview with Herbert Asquith and Augustine Birrell on 2 February 1914. The memorandum tracks developments in the Home Rule issue since their previous meeting in November. Click on the image to view full document. (Image: National Library of Ireland, MS 15165)

It is expected that further attempts will be made by the government in the coming weeks to offer additional safeguards to Ulster unionists, short of absolute exclusion.

There remains no sign that any compromise agreement is considered likely in the immediate future.



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