German airship disaster
Fumes billowing from the exhaust of the German dirigible L. II on its arrival at the aerodrome at Johannisthal, near Berlin. Photo: Illustrated London News [London, England], 25 October 1913

German airship disaster

Published: 18 October 1913

A German airship, the Zeppelin L. II, has crashed with all 27 passengers on board reported dead. It is the biggest air disaster in history and the ninth Zeppelin to be destroyed in a crash since the first was constructed in 1902.

An image capturing the descent of the ill-fated L. II.
(Picture: Illustrated London News [London, England], 25 October 1913)

The airship had just begun its flight when the whole of the balloon part took fire and the gas exploded.

Scenes of the wreckage. Click to enlarge. (Photo: Illustrated London News [London, England], 25 October 1913)

The shattered cars of the airship, where the passengers were seated, were hurled to earth with no prospect of any survivor from the crash.


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