Frenchman flies upside-down
M. Pegoud returning over Brooklands after his remarkable flight Photo:

Frenchman flies upside-down

Published: 26 September 1913

Adolphe Pégoud, a French airman, gave an exhibition of upside-flying at an airshow at the motor-racing circuit and aerodrome at Brooklands in Surrey yesterday. 

M. Pégoud in the air. Left: turning over. Centre: diving for the turn. Right: upside down.

Having been strapped into his Blériot monoplane, he made a perpendicular dive from 3,000 ft. and gradually turned the plane until the chassis came on top, before later righting it.


M. Pégoud before and after his flight. Standing with M. Blériot (top left), strapped into his Beriot Monoplane (top right), the crowd below observing his adventurous flight with great interest (bottom left) and greeting his adoring fans (bottom right). Click on images to see full versions.

On landing, M. Pégoud received a rapturous ovation for his feat of flying.


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